Process post: Fennec Fox

Hey guys, welcome to my first Process Post! I plan to do more of these in the future. As I work on new techniques, I’ll discuss the types of methods and thought process behind pieces like this accompanied with a few extra tips and goodies!

First post is for this little fennec fox illustration! I’ve been recently trying to work hard at leveling up my skill in a few compelling ways with better poses, better colors/values, and more of a “traditional media” look.

I’ve been studying this traditional media style for a while and it took me a lot of time to nail down a workflow that I was happy with. The main problem I was running into was my sketches were often not nearly dynamic enough to complete in this kind of style. With lineless, you really have to have a solid focus on your shapes and in the past I’ve definitely used lines as a crutch and it showed. Now I make 100% sure my sketch works well before continuing the render. I check for dynamic pose, fluid shapes, and a solid silhouette that’s easily readable without any details. So far it’s been working well!

Wacom Intuos Pro - Medium

Kyle Webster’s Dry Media - Soft Pastel
Kyle Webster’s Dry Media - Big Dry Weirdo

Merch Post: Samoyed Enamel Pins

Welcome to my first merchandise post. These posts will be used regularly for shop updates and possibly WIP’s of products I’m in the process of designing!

First up, my Samoyed enamel pins came in! I am just beyond excited with how these came out. They’ll be shipped out in time for Christmas, so no need to worry. They’ll also be debuting at Ohayocon in January if you happen to be there!

These guys are 40mm tall, hard enamel, gold plated, and they even have some little silk screen details for the cheeks and ears. This was my first pin with silk screen and I’m glad I got to try it out.

The samoyeds will be available on my Etsy immediately. You can adopt a pup by clickling the button the the left of this post!